The Undergraduate Student Journal, Hardwire, is Open for Submissions!

The Undergraduate Journal of Sexual Diversity Studies at the University of Toronto has opened submissions for academic and creative submissions for our 2022-2023 issue! Hardwire is an interdisciplinary journal centered around the critical analysis of human sexuality. We prioritize queer, trans, intersectional, critical race, decolonial, and feminist analyses, and seek to dismantle white supremacy, colonization, capitalism, cisheteropatriarchy, and other systems of oppression through our work. Work from students of all programs and disciplines is welcome and encouraged. 

We are looking for pieces from any discipline which actively engage in the dimensions of sexuality. We encourage academic pieces, creative pieces, and pieces that incorporate academic and creative elements. We are open to creative submissions of all formats and genres, including audio-visual submissions that require online display or other mediums not traditionally found in academic journals. The pieces selected will undergo an editing process during which the authors will collaborate with the Hardwire editorial team to prepare their work for publication.

Submissions must: 

  • Be of high quality! Pieces will undergo an editing process, but we encourage authors to submit polished pieces. 
  • Written submissions should be in a docx format, to be converted to Google Drive. 
  • Visual submissions are preferred in .png format and must be submitted in 300dpi resolution, 8.5×11 in. minimum for full-spread images. 
  • Can be previously unpublished work 
  • Written by current undergraduates/recent graduates from U of T. 
  • Include an abstract with academic pieces. 
  • Include a short artist statement explaining the intent of the piece with creative pieces. 

You may submit multiple submissions! Be original, be passionate, and be yourself! 

DEADLINE: Must be submitted before 11:59pm EST on Friday, January 13th, 2023, at Authors will be notified in late January whether their piece has been selected for publication. For more information, contact us at

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