Sexual Representation Collection Annual Speaker Series

This speaker series was an annual lecture which ran from 2018 to 2023, given by an esteemed scholar who is recognized for their research as it relates to pornography and/or representations of sexuality, and works to highlight the Bonham Centre’s Sexual Representation Collection, Canada’s largest university-based collection of pornography.


Juana María Rodríguez

The Amazing Past of Adela Vazquez

Poster of jewel tone red and blue feathers with event details included, along with a profile photo of Juana María Rodríguez and a photo of Adela Vazquez posing on a couch.


Ariane Cruz and Nguyen Tan Hoang
Sex in the Archives

Poster for Sex in the Archives, featuring two images of the archive boxes as if they are on a film negative. The speakers names, titles for their talks, and date and time for the event are underneath.


Mireille Miller-Young
The Black Erotic Archive


Peter Alilunas
Closed (To the Profane) Due to Pressure from the Morality Squad: The Cinema 2000, Porn Studies, and Cultural Consecration