Mark S. Bonham Centre for
Sexual Diversity Studies


MA Requirements:

Students will be required to take the core course offered by SDS itself – SDS1000H. This 0.5 FCE requirement must be supplemented by at least another 0.5 FCE in the area of sexuality. Courses may be counted toward the 0.5 FCE required beyond the core course if a significant portion of the course addresses questions related to sexuality, or if most of the term work completed in it explores such questions. All such course selections must be approved by the director of the Collaborative Specialization. To receive approval please submit the following form, along with a course syllabus, electronically to

If the home program makes provision for a Master’s thesis or research paper, the focus of the paper or thesis must be on a sexual diversity studies topic. The director of the Collaborative Specialization must approve the topic as compatible with the requirements of the program.

PhD Requirements:

Candidates admitted to the doctoral program will be required to take the Collaborative Specialization’s core course – SDS1000H, and at least an additional 0.5 FCE in the area of sexuality, subject to the Collaborate Specialization director’s approval. Students who have completed the Collaborative Specialization at the Master’s level will not be required to take SDS1000H a second time, and therefore only will be required to take another 0.5 FCE in the area of sexuality. To receive approval please submit the following form, along with a course syllabus, electronically to

All students will pursue a dissertation topic related to sexual diversity, and include on the thesis committee at least one faculty member associated with SDS. (In most cases, the supervisor would be associated with SDS, though in some cases, the student’s particular analytical perspective will suggest another faculty member in her/his discipline.) The director of the Collaborative Specialization must approve the topic as compatible with the requirements of the program. We ask that students submit a copy of their thesis proposal as well as a list of committee members for review and approval to

All students’ courses of study and overall progress will be reviewed annually by the Collaborative Specialization Director, though the ultimate responsibility for the student’s progress will remain with the graduate chair of the home program.

Doctoral students are expected to participate in a variety of other activities programmed by the Bonham Centre, including the Student Research Colloquium, conferences, and speaker series.

Current List of Approved 0.5 FCE Credits

This table lists sample courses which have been or are currently approved as additional half credits. Students are welcome and encouraged to propose credits beyond this list, including independent studies and reading courses. To receive approval please submit the following form, along with a course syllabus, electronically to

ANT6033                Advanced Research Seminar III Anthropology of Gender

APD1207H            Counselling Topics in Sexual orientation and Gender Identity Diversity

APD1214H            Critical Multicultural Practice: Diversity Issues in Counselling

CHL5109H            Gender and Health

CHL5806                Health Promotion Field Research

CIN1100HF           The (Inter)textual Object

COL5018H            Gender, Agency, and Life Writing

CTL1998H             Independent Read & Research: Queer Theory, Psychoanalysis & Curriculum

DRA3901HF         Solo Performance

DRA3907H            Performing Garbage High and Low

ENG6552H            Law and Literature

EXS5507H             Desire and Bodies in Place

FAH3000                Independent Research Course

FRE1204H             Literature Seminar III: Literary Genres

LAW393H1F        Restructuring Work and Care: family, State and Market in Times of Crisis

LHA1144                Queer Interventions: Tools for Community Organizing

LHA1144                Queer Interventions

MSL4000Y             Exhibition Project

SES1992H              Feminism & Poststructuralism in Education

SJE2999H              Queer Studies in Education

SOC6019H            Gender Relations I

SOC6119H            Gender Relations 1: Feminist Theory and Practice

SWK4609H           Sexuality, Sexual Diversity of Social Work Practice

SWK4803H           Special Topics in Mental Health: Social Work Practice with LGBTQIA Populations

TPS1426H             The History of Gender and Education in Canada

WGS1023              Aesthetic Imagination, Creativity and Radical Hope

WGS1023              Studies in Aesthetic Expression and Radical Hope

WGS1027H          Special Topics in Queer Studies and Feminism

WGS1028H S      Queer of Colour Critique

Completion of Requirements:

The Collaborative Specialization director is responsible for certifying the completion of the Collaborative Specialization requirements. The home graduate unit is solely responsible for the approval of the student’s home degree requirements. Upon the completion of requirements of the home program and the Collaborative Specialization , student transcripts will indicate that they have completed all the requirements for the “Collaborative Specialization in Sexual Diversity Studies.”