Sex Salon

Sex Salon is a monthly speaker series organized and hosted by graduate students from the Mark S. Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies. Each month, Sex Salon invites scholars, both graduate students and faculty, to present new and in-process work and engage in discussion with guests and colleagues. Participants come from both the University of Toronto and the wider academic community across Canada and the US. Each month features two to four presentations around a central theme that relates to sexual diversity studies, followed by a Q&A based discussion lead by a member of the Sex Salon programming committee. The event is free to attend and typically held on the last Thursday of the month in University College. Calls for participants go out over the summer.



January: Sex Salon Workshop: Queer, Trans, Suburban

February: Queer/Latinx/Mexican


January: A Queer Kind of Place

October: Queer Aesthetics and Performance

November: Queer, Creole, Contested: Caribbean Archives Reimagined


January: Queer Belonging

February: Queering Kinship

March: Queering Practices

October: Images of Desire

November: Unlikely Bonds: Desis, Butches, and Ghosts


January: Anti-normativity

February: Language

March: Space

April: Homo/f/r/ictions

October: Migration works? Shaping and Reshaping Materialities and Identities

November: Performing Time and Space


January: “Speaking” Sex to Power: Pedagogies of Intimacy and Epistemologies of Touch

February: Homonationalism and Transnational Sexual Politics


April: Outside the Lines: Queer Art and Activism

September: Process

October: Adolescence

November: Fetishization and Race





September: From The Margins: Race, Ageing, and Queer Temporality

October: Citizenship, Migration, and Violence

November: Asexualities, Hypersexualities, and Maximum Visibility