Graduate Research Assistantships – The Queer and Trans Research Lab

1) Graduate Research Assistantships

The Graduate Research Assistantship (GRA) program is part of Queer and Trans Research Lab (QTRL) in
2022-23. The program will provide two-three research assistantships to graduate students working
in queer and trans studies in any discipline. The RAships are designed to provide training to our
students in research methods and practices, social justice collaborations, and community outreach
initiatives. Applicants are also asked to participate in a variety of events, such as presentations,
workshops, panels, and QTRL meetings. GRAs will be assigned to faculty and community
members of the QTRL cohort and are expected to be living in the GTA during the time of the

Applications are currently closed.

2) Doctoral Dissertation Completion Grants

Two dissertation completion grants for $5,000 each will be awarded annually to advanced graduate
students whose work makes significant and original contributions to queer and trans studies in any
discipline, and who are in the final year of their program. The awards are designed to assist fulltime doctoral students to complete their thesis writing and defence. Successful applicants must be
full-time doctoral students at the time of the award and will be asked to present their work to the

Applications are currently closed.