Video Recording Available for Queer Directions 2021 – Indigeneities & Sexualities

The video recording for Queer Directions: Indigeneities & Sexualities is now available on the Bonham Centre’s Youtube channel.

Indigeneities & Sexualities was the fifth annual Queer Directions symposium, and it was held digitally on March 12th, 2021. Queer Directions is an annual symposium hosted by the Bonham Centre whose primary goal is to offer a dynamic forum for discussion of the most recent and relevant issues in queer, trans, and sexuality studies. This year’s Symposium is “Indigeneities & Sexualities” with guest speakers Audra Simpson, Dayna Danger, Joseph M. Pierce, and T.J. Tallie, moderated by Karyn Recollet.

Captions are forthcoming as soon as Youtube finishes processing.

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