“It’s the Cannabis & Sex Positivity for Me”: A Field Guide to Elevating Intimacy with Cannabis Use


6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
This information session will introduce some basic principles of cannabis use and sex. Topics covered will include; Cannabis basics, Strains vs Genetics, Product Selecting for your needs, Safety First, Intimacy & Sexuality, Relationships & Dating, Bedroom Tips, and last but not least Tantra!
This practical guide and Q&A will be beneficial to total beginners and experienced users, covering therapeutic uses to mitigate discomfort from menstrual pain, to endometriosis & dyspareunia (painful sex), and PTSD. Great for those practicing solo sex, partnered sex, and inclusive to all sexual experiences, expressions and identities!
About our Speaker :
Antuanette Gomez (she/her) is Founder + CEO of Pleasure Peaks, a Cannabinoid based Sexual Health Company and has been facilitating cannabis and sexual health workshops since 2015. Her passion comes from her Holistic Nutrition background, using natural herbs and nourishing foods to address sexual health ailments (www.pleasurepeaks.com)

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