Mark S. Bonham Centre for
Sexual Diversity Studies


SDS offers three undergraduate programs, the Specialist (requiring 10.0 full course equivalents), the Major (requiring 6.0), and the Minor (requiring 4.0).

Each builds around a core of interdisciplinary courses offered by SDS itself.  Students are also able to choose from among  more than 70 courses offered by other academic units at U of T.

These options are clustered into “Group A” – a list of over 30 courses with a substantial focus on sexual diversity – and “Group B”  – those with some attention to the area and potential for term work devoted to it.  Additional courses may be approved by the Program Director on an individual basis.  Students are responsible for checking co- and prerequisites for courses from Group A and Group B.

More information about the requirements for the SDS Specialist, Major, and Minor programs can be found in the Arts and Science Calendar.