Elizabeth Harvey

Professor, Department of English

Elizabeth Harvey’s academic interests include: early modern literature and culture; literary and Feminist theory; gender studies; and the history of medicine and midwifery.  Harvey holds her M.A. and PhD from John Hopkins University.

Selected Publications:

Ventriloquized Voices: Feminist Theory and Renaissance Texts, (Routledge, 1992).

Women and Reason (co-edited with Kathleen Okruhlik), University of Michigan Press, 1992.

Soliciting Interpretation: Literary Theory and Seventeenth-Century English Poetry
(co-edited with Katharine Eisaman Maus), University of Chicago Press,

Irigaray and Premodern Culture: Thresholds of History (co-edited with Theresa Krier), Routledge, 2004.

Sensible Flesh: On Touch in Early Modern Culture, ed., University of Pennsylvannia Press, 2003.