Mark S. Bonham Centre for
Sexual Diversity Studies

Caroline Fusco

Associate Professor, Faculty of Education and Health

Caroline Fusco received her PhD from the University of Toronto in Community Health Studies-Exercise Sciences in 2003. Her areas of academic interests include: the sociology of physical activity and health; cultural geographies of children and youth’s physical activity and health environments; poststructuralist and feminist theories of the body, gender and sexuality; ethics and social justice issues in sport and physical education; qualitative research methods; and equity and diversity studies in education.

Selected Publications:

Fusco, C., Moola, F., Faulkner, G., Buliung, R., & Richichi, V.  Toward an Understanding of Children’s Perceptions of their Transport Geographies: (Non)Active School Travel and Visual Representations of the Built Environment. Journal of Transport Geography.

Fusco, C., Faulkner, G., Moola, F., Buliung, R., & Richichi, V. Urban School Travel: Exploring children’s qualitative narratives about their trip to school. Children, Youth and Environments.

Frohlich, K., Alexander, S., & Fusco, C. (Resubmitted). All work and no play? The nascent discourse on play and pleasure in health research. Social Theory and Health.

Fusco, C. (2009). Subjection, surveillance, and the place(s) of performance: the discursive productions of space in Canada’s national sport centre policy. Sport History Review, 40 (1), pp. 1-29.

Fusco, C. (2008). ‘Naked Truths’: Ethnographic dilemmas of doing research on the body in social spaces. In Kathleen Gallagher (Ed.), The Methodological Dilemma: Critical, Creative, and Post-Positivist Approaches to Qualitative Research: Routledge, 159-184.

Fusco, C. (2007) ‘Healthification’ and the promises of urban space: A textual analysis of representations of Place, Activity, Youth (PLAY-ing) in the city. International Review for the Sociology of Sport, 423(1), 43-63.

Book Chapters:

Fusco, C. (In press). Moral geographies, healthification and neo-liberal urban imaginaries. In David L. Andrews & Michael L. Silk (Eds.), Sport and Neo-Liberalism: Temple University Press.

Fusco, C. (In press). Psychogeographies, abjection and productions of culture: Kristeva and the psychic realm of physical cultural studies. In Michael L. Silk & David L. Andrews (Eds.), Physical Cultural Studies Anthology: Temple University Press.

Gallagher, K., & Fusco, C. (In press). (Lesbian) M/Otherhood as Contradiction: love, sexuality and other (imagined) wonders. In S. Springgay, D. Freedman, and N. Jolly (Eds.), M/othering a bodied curriculum: Theories and practices of relational teaching. University of Toronto Press.

Book Reviews:

Fusco, C. (2011). Review of ‘Geographies of sexualities: theory, practice and politics’, edited by Kath Browne, Jason Lim and Gavin Brown, Aldershot, Ashgate, 2007, xi +264 pp., 60 (hardback), 25 (paperback), ISBN 978-0-7546-4761-4. Leisure Studies, 30(2), 261-265