Mark S. Bonham Centre for
Sexual Diversity Studies

Patrick Keilty

Patrick Keilty teaches courses on digital culture, metadata, critical theory, digital humanities, sexual representation, and queer media, art, and technology. For the Sexual Diversity Center he teaches a class on what electronic technologies mean for queer politics and identity. He is a member of the SDS Steering Committee and Sexual Representation Collection Committee. He holds a PhD in Information Studies, concentration in Women’s Studies (now Gender Studies), from UCLA.

Keilty’s writing examines and critiques culture and technology, digital culture, human-computer interaction, and digital humanities, with particular interest in feminist and queer engagements with electronic technology, including politics, art, embodiment, stylistics of the self, intersectionality, sexual representation, and philosophy of science and technology. With Rebecca Dean, He is co-editor of Feminist and Queer Information Studies Reader (forthcoming). In addition, he is preparing a monograph, entitled Seeking Sex: Embodiment and Electronic Culture, which examines how the Internet has reconstituted our ways of being sexual.