Elena Basile

Elena Basile’s teaching, research and art practice straddles psychoanalysis, affect and queer theory, translation studies and experimental multilingual poetics. She has written extensively on issues related to queer translation theory and Canadian feminist/queer experimental and multilingual writers (essays in New Voices in Translation Studies, Open Letter, Canada and Beyond), and has translated into Italian Nicole Brossard’s novel Le désert mauve (Il deserto malva, 2011). She collaborates regularly with artists and academics in Italy, France and Canada. Some of her poetic work is featured in the documentary Three Women: Adapting Lives Adopting Lines (Adriana Monti, AZ Media, 2010). She is a founding member of the TiP Lab, a transmedia participatory experiment in affective mapping of the urban environment (Paul H. Crocker Gallery, 2015; Arrivals + Departures, Myseum Intersection Festival 2018).

Elena Basile has been teaching in the Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies since 2007.

Recent Publications:

Afterword to Je Nathanaël by Nathanaël. Nightboat Editions, 2018.

“A scene of Intimate Entanglements or, Reckoning with the ‘Fuck’ of Translation,” in Queering Translation, Translating the Queer. Eds. Klaus Kaindl and Brian Baer. Routledge, 2017.

“Languaging and Emergent Scapes of the Intelligible: Thinking Through an Experiment in Affective Mapping” for Tusaaji. A Translation Review 5, 5 (Winter 2016): 82-98.

“Traduction comme témoignage: quelle fidelité? Quelques considerations sur la traduction italienne de Le désert mauve de Nicole Brossard,” in Études sur la génétique de la traduction, 1:1 (Printemps 2016).