Brenda Cossman

(On sabbatical for 2018-19)

Brenda Cossman was a former Director of SDS and teaches courses on family law, gender and law, and law and film for the program.  She writes extensively in the area of law and sexuality.  Her most recent book, Sexual Citizens: The Legal and Cultural Regulation of Sex and Belonging, was published by Stanford University Press in 2007.  Additionally, Cossman coauthored Bad Attitudes on Trial: Pornography, Feminism and the Butler Decision (University of Toronto Press) and Censorship and the Arts (published by the Ontario Association of Art Galleries).

Professor Cossman is actively involved in law reform, particularly in the area of same sex couples and definitions of family.  Recently, she authored reports for the Law Commission of Canada and the Ontario Law Reform Commission on the legal regulation of adult relationships.

Professor Cossman is also a frequent commentator in the media on issues relating to law and sexuality.  She served as a member of the Pink Triangle Press Board of Directors for ten years, working as a frequent contributor to Xtra!

She was also elected as a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada in 2012.


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