Nicholas Matte

Nicholas Matte is a politically-conscious interdisciplinary historian who curates the Sexual Representation Collection and teaches in the Sexual Diversity Studies program. In his classrooms, Dr. Matte builds learning environments that foster creative thinking and he encourages students to grapple with new and difficult ideas, particularly those they find most interesting and relevant to their interests, lives, and goals. As a historian who works with living memory and marginalized communities, Matte connects historical contexts and efforts with present-day experiences through oral histories and other interactive and engaging interdisciplinary methods.

Matte’s teaching and research reflect longstanding interests in how sex, gender, sexuality, health, disability, race and capitalism inform individual desires, embodied social experiences, identities, relationships, community formations, and socio-cultural advocacy. Matte’s dissertation “Historicizing Liberal American Transnormativities: Medicine, Media, Activism, 1960-1990,” traces early institutional advocacy efforts to re-imagine and reconfigure gender and sexuality into the categories and identities often still contested today. Through his extensive involvement with trans archiving he also facilitates student engagement with a wide range of significant primary resources, such as the University of Victoria’s Transgender Archives and the Digital Transgender Archives.

As curator of the Sexual Representation Collection Matte works with students and researchers to provide access to significant and rare primary source materials, to enrich teaching and research opportunities and to bring relevant historical research and archiving methods alive, especially to today’s most pressing social questions. The SRC also supports professional archival training for graduate students in the ischool’s Master of Museum Studies and Archives and Records Management graduate programs through practicum and work-study positions. The SRC also hosts paid work-study and volunteer internship opportunities.

Dr. Matte has worked on and been involved with numerous community-based organizations, events, and research and education projects and teams, including feminist working group Emilia-Amalia, Transforming Justice, TransEd, LGBT Digital Archives and Oral History Collaboratory, and others. Matte also sits on the Advisory Board of Digital Transgender Archives.

Research Publications:

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