Barry Adam

Barry D. Adam is University Professor of Sociology at the University of Windsor with a distinguished research and publication record devoted to issues of domination and empowerment.  He is an author of books on The Survival of Domination, The Rise of a Gay and Lesbian Movement, Experiencing HIV, and The Global Emergence of Gay and Lesbian Politics. He is also Senior Scientist and Director of Prevention Research at the Ontario HIV Treatment Network, as well as co-principal investigator with the CIHR Center for Research Evidence into Action for Community Health in HIV/AIDS (REACH).

With an extensive background in working with collaborative teams of community members, policy-makers, and researchers, Dr Adam’s current work includes: research and program development for Asian, trans, HIV-positive, and Spanish and Portuguese speaking gay men; impacts of criminal prosecutions for HIV exposure and transmission on people living with HIV; and the introduction of marriage on same-sex couples.  He also leads a multidisciplinary collaborative partnership combining molecular epidemiology, sociology, and clinical practice to bring multiple tools to bear on advancing HIV prevention.

Selected Publications:

Barry D Adam (2011). Epistemic fault lines in biomedical and social approaches to HIV prevention. Journal of the International AIDS Society, 14, Supplement 2.

Barry D Adam, Richard Elliott, Winston Husbands, James Murray and John Maxwell. 2008. Effects of the criminalization of HIV transmission in Cuerrier on men reporting unprotected sex with men. Canadian Journal of Law and Society, 23(1-2), 137-153.

Barry D Adam, Winston Husbands, James Murray and John Maxwell (2008). Silence, assent, and HIV risk. Culture, Health and Sexuality, 10(8), 759-772.