Director Brenda Cossman in U of T News on what a Trump victory means for LGBT rights

Same-Sex Marriage, LGBT Rights

Brenda Cossman, is a professor and director of the Faculty of Law’s Mark S. Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies. She spoke about same-sex marriage and LGBT issues under threat.

“President-elect Donald Trump does not have an official policy plan on LGBT issues.  But he and Mike Pence have repeatedly stated their opposition to LGBT rights.  Trump plans to appoint conservative justices to the Supreme Court who he hopes will overturn marriage equality. He has stated his support for local state anti-transgender laws.  He has pledged to  sign the Republican-backed First Amendment Defence Act, a law that would permit forms of anti-LGBT discrimination on the grounds of religion.

“The Republican party, which controls Congress, passed a platform earlier this year that contained some of the most anti-LGBT provisions in years, including an attack on same-sex parenting and opposing a ban on conversion therapy.

“Together, the executive and legislative branches are committed to undermining all of the LGBT rights advances of the last decade. Together, they can appoint Supreme Court justices who will help carry out this agenda.

“I have no doubt that they will.  Because repealing same-sex marriage and supporting anti-trans legislation is a lot cheaper than building a wall. Trump and the Republican Congress can deliver on their hateful promises to their base with relatively little cost.  And the cost to LGBT lives is not part of the equation.”


Mark S. Bonham Centre Director Brenda Cossman writing for U of T News.