Emerging Projects Grants

Applications are open until January 12, 2024.

The Queer and Trans Research Lab (QTRL) at The Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies is pleased to invite applications for the Emerging Projects Fund. Central to the mission of the QTRL, this fund provides $10,000 – $20,000 annually to University of Toronto faculty members and graduate students whose scholarly and community work attends to entrenched and emerging social and political problems affecting LGBTIQ2SA+ and BIPOC lives and communities in Toronto, Canada, and elsewhere around the world.

These awards are designed to support collaborative research projects in their initial stages, which could include community and/or international partnerships, cross-faculty collaborations, research- creation projects across the disciplines, and other grassroots outreach projects beyond the university. We welcome projects focused on, but not limited to, LGBTIQ2SA+ public health, Two- Spirit needs and experiences, schools and education, art and public museums, queer transnational research and scholarship, multi-institutional and multi-locational social justice initiatives, archiving and documenting LGBTQ2S+ and QTBIPOC histories, and queer and trans cultural production (including art, literature, and performance). Graduate student applications are accepted but must be 1) supported and supervised by at least one faculty lead on the project and 2) collaborative in nature. Equitable priority will be given to emerging projects based on the following criteria:

  1. Strength of the project
  2. Collaborative project elements
  3. Distributive equity across University of Toronto campuses and faculties
  4. Attention to elements of equity, diversity, and inclusion of the research team

Each applicant must provide the following: 1) List of participants 2) CV(s) of primary investigators 3) a 1–2-page description of the research project and desired outcomes 3) project budget, including number of years of funding requested.

Please view previous examples of grant recipients here for more information about this exciting opportunity. Completed applications should be submitted to qtrl.sds@utoronto.ca by January 12, 2024, for full consideration.