Educating Beyond Campus

Educating for the long term.  The Mark S. Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies at the University of Toronto is an international leader in education and research on LGBT issues and sexual diversity studies more broadly.  No program at U of T better expresses the spirit of open and adventurous inquiry.  Here, we educate students to become global leaders that are willing to take up a critical perspective in their lives after they have graduated from our program.

Globalizing Our Education.  The Bonham Centre now has international stature; our students and faculty already look beyond their local and national experience in taking up questions of sexual diversity.  We are working to enhance our teaching and research capacities to address the pressing global sexuality issues of our time.  Vibrant social movements have emerged in many parts of the global south, challenging repressive cultural norms and punitive laws.  From the global HIV epidemic to the repression of sexual minorities across the globe, SDS is harnessing the expertise, experience and innovation of our faculty and students to grapple with the complex and urgent issues of contemporary sexuality.

Schooling.  Among the most pressing issues of our time, in Canada and elsewhere, is the challenge of creating more inclusive schools. We, at the Bonham Centre, are increasing our already-substantial commitment of curricular and research resources to understanding schools.  To find out more, please visit the Schooling section of this website.