Dana Seitler, Bonham Centre Director, Co-edits “Queer(s) Reading” for ASAP/J

Dana Seitler, Bonham Centre Director, co-edited this special forum on “Queer(s) Reading” for ASAP/J. The forum includes essays by Seitler, Dana Luciano, Sharon Holland, Karen Tongson, Octavio González, Elizabeth Freeman, and Aliyyah Abdur-Rahman.

“Queer(s) Reading began as a panel for the 2020 Seattle MLA—an event that was, for many attendees, one of the last physical gatherings they would take part in for quite some time. We continue that conversation in this forum under the very different conditions generated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our collective concern is the vitalizing possibilities of queer(s) reading—that is, of embodied and located modes of experiencing, engaging with, and interpreting the literary, visual, multimedia, and theoretical texts that inform queer lives. Queer(s) reading, as the six authors in this forum describe it, is both a radical relation and a radical refusal, working to expand networks of queer kinship, collectivity, feeling, friendship, love, and desire. Queer reading may be done alone, but it is never solitary.”

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