Bonham Centre Awards

Bonham Centre Award

The Bonham Centre Award honours an individual or group for having made a distinguished contribution to the public understanding of sexual diversity in Canada.  Those we honour in this way may come from the arts, social agencies, politics, business, law, the media, community activism, universities and colleges, schools, faith communities, philanthropy, and other fields.  Our mandate as a centre of research and learning means that we prioritize contributions that have been educational in the broadest sense of that term.  The Award has been created by the Bonham Centre’s Advisory Board – a community-based source of support for the Centre and its programs.

Current Award Winners

Karlene Williams Clarke, 2018.

Rainbow Railroad, 2018.

Danny Ramadan, 2018.

Vitit Muntarbhorn, 2018.

Past Award Winners

Kent Monkman, 2017. Artist

Lee Maracle, 2017. Elder, author and educator

Teddy Syrette, 2017. Activist and artist

Candy Palmater, 2017. Activist, actor, and award-winning TV and radio personality

Selisse Berry, 2016. Founder and CEO, Out & Equal Workplace Advocates

Heather Conway, 2016. Executive Vice-President, CBC English Language Services

Colonel Jennifer Pritzker, 2016. Founder, The Tawani Foundation

Greg Louganis, 2015. American Olympic gold medalist diver (1984, 1988).

Marnie McBean, 2015. Canadian Olympic gold medalist rower (1992, 1996).

Mark Tewksbury, 2015. Canadian Olympic gold medalist swimmer (1992) and Chief de Mission (2012).

Waawaate Fobister, 2014. Award-winning actor and playwright.

Shyam Selvadurai, 2014. Author of award-winning novel Funny Boy.

Patricia Nell-Warren, 2014. Novelist and LGBT youth education activist.

Edmund White, 2014. Bestselling author and founder of The Violet Quill.

Bent on Change, 2013. Student-run gay-straight alliance at Harbord Collegiate.

Stephen Lewis, 2013. HIV/AIDS crusader.

Dan Savage, 2013. Founder of the It Gets Better campaign.

Linda Schuyler, 2011. creator of the groundbreaking television series Degrassi.

Dustin Lance Black, 2011. Academy Award winning screenwriter of Milk.

Sue Johanson, 2010. Widely-broadcast Canadian sex educator.

Canadian Union of Public Employees, 2007. leader in labour advocacy for equity rights.

Barbara Findlay, 2007. Vancouver lawyer and advocate for lesbian/gay and trans rights.

John Greyson, 2007. Pathbreaking Toronto-based film-maker.