Tatiana Ferguson

Tatiana Ferguson smiles at the camera. She wears a black and white print blazer and purple shirt.

Since arriving in Toronto from the Bahamas in 2014, Tatiana Ferguson has worked as a sexual health educator, group facilitator, and advocate for trans and queer BIPOC communities. As a facilitator, organizer, and panelist, Ferguson has worked with Black CAP, The 519, the Sherbourne Health Centre, and the Canadian Council for Refugees Youth Gathering. Ferguson has also been a participant and facilitator with Supporting Our Youth’s Human Rights Equity and Access Team (HEAT), and, at EGALE Youth Outreach, helped create the Perception support group for newcomers, refugees, and asylum seekers.  In 2016, she was awarded the LGBTQ Youthline Award for outstanding achievements in queer activism.  Most recently, Ferguson has been working with the Black Queer Youth Collective on the Domino Project, providing black LGBTQ2S+ youth with a safe, supportive, experiential learning environment and the COVID Assistance Project. During her time with the Queer and Trans Research Lab, Ferguson intends to continue her work exploring how discrimination, specifically anti-black racism, affects Black Queer and Trans youth mental health and their access to community spaces.