Graduate Awards and Scholarships

*New: Doctoral Dissertation Completion Grants*

Two dissertation completion grants for $5,000 each will be awarded annually to advanced graduate students whose work makes significant, original contributions to queer and trans studies in any discipline, and who are in the final year of their program. The awards are designed to assist full-time doctoral students to complete their thesis writing and defence. Successful applicants must be full-time doctoral students at the time of the award, and will be asked to present their work to the Queer and Trans Research Lab.

To apply, submit your materials to Please provide us with the following:

1) Project Description (750 words)

2)  CV

3) Letter of support from your supervisor

4) Contact details of 2 additional references (name/title/email/relationship to applicant)

Applications due: July 1, 2021

We accept bursary applications at any time.  See below for more details.

*Only students registered in the SDS Collaborative Specialization and with a registered “REG” status on ACORN are eligible to receive awards funding. Therefore, if you intend to graduate/take a leave of absence, you must submit receipts for any travel or other reimbursable expenses while your enrollment status is “REG”.

The Centre’s graduate funds are designed to supplement supports that are available through a student’s home department or faculty, and through the School of Graduate Studies.  They are not intended to replace the funding guarantee that is delivered to graduate students through their home units.  It is, however, intended to address research-related expenses beyond those covered in those home units, to support activity designed to bolster SDS student engagement, to reward academic excellence, and to respond to emergencies.

In general, applications for support will be considered twice per year, in the autumn and winter terms, with deadlines posted well in advance.  Applications for support of unanticipated expenses may be considered at other times.

The categories of expenses that the award committee will consider are as follows:                                                                  

Conference travel

Funding to support travel to conferences recognized as important for the student’s work, where the student is delivering a sexuality-related paper not delivered at other conferences.  Students will be expected to apply for department/faculty funding, where available, and SGS.  Up to one conference per year, with a maximum funding from the Bonham Centre, normally, of $500 for North American conferences and $1000 elsewhere.  Awards received from other sources will be taken into account.

Research field trips

Funding to support field work or travel to libraries/archives or sources of expertise not available in Toronto, directly related to the student’s research.  One grant per student, usually up to a maximum of $2,000.  Awards received from other sources will be taken into account.

Honorariums for “Engagement” Projects                                     

Mentoring stipends

Stipends or honoraria for SDS graduate students engaged in mentoring senior SDS undergraduate students who will be participating in the annual student colloquium, or in establishing such a program.  Maximum of one stipend per year per student.

Graduate research exchanges

Stipends or honoraria for SDS graduate students who organize either the annual student colloquium, graduate student reading groups, graduate student conference, or work-in-progress sessions intended for students to share their research – usually $1,000-$2,000/event.  Maximum of one stipend per student per year.



Funding designed to meet unusual shortfalls, for example those faced by international students, or by all students close to the end of their program but beyond the stage of guaranteed funding.  Unforetold emergencies arising from other circumstances may also be considered. For bursaries, please complete the supplementary bursary form as well as the Graduate Awards Application form and email to


Hallam Awards of Excellence

One or two annual awards will be given to SDS graduate students on the basis of their work in the SDS graduate core course – $1,000 each.