The SDS Student Research Colloquium is a one day event where SDS collaborative graduate students and 4th year undergraduate students will have an opportunity to present their research to fellow students and faculty.  All SDS collaborative graduate students in SDS1000 and SDS undergraduate students in SDS458, SDS459 and SDS460 will automatically be included in the colloquium.  All other 4th year SDS students are encouraged to apply.  Students will have an opportunity to either present their own work in progress, or have an opportunity to critically and collaborative comment on the work of other students.

The research colloquium will provide a unique opportunity for graduate and undergraduate students to present their research, and to critically engage with other students’ research in an interdisciplinary and intellectually rigorous environment.  Each undergraduate student will be provided with a graduate student mentor, with preference being given to collaborative PhD students.  Mentors will be expected to meet with and advise their undergraduate students on preparing for the colloquium.

Fourth-year undergraduates wishing to apply for the Student Colloquium, should fill out a ballot and send it to the Sexual Diversity Studies program office via email at