The Bonham Centre sponsors conferences, special lectures, and public events throughout the year.  These are designed to raise questions and highlight research that challenges assumptions and complicates answers.  These are events that provide links among researchers across Canada and internationally.

The Centre also supports research among graduate and undergraduate students in its own academic programs.  The work that they are engaged in becomes the focus of an annual symposium held in March of every year.  The Undergraduate Journal in Sexual Diversity Studies publishes the best work of our students, and conferences sponsored by the Sexual Diversity Studies Student Union stimulate debate on a vast range of topics.

The Centre’s interest in supporting research in edgy and innovative directions is marked by its own Sexual Representation Collection.  Its interest in supporting community-based research is symbolized by the Lynch grant, supported by the Michael Lynch fund.  The many public events sponsored or co-sponsored by the Centre each year also embody the Centre’s interest in bridging the boundaries between the academy and the community.

Members of the University of Toronto community, and those associated with the Centre, have access to the extraordinary resources of the U of T library system, rich in materials related to sexual diversity.  The Greater Toronto Area also has a wealth of institutions providing support for research into this area – the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives, and the Glad Day Bookshop among them.

Toronto Community Resources

The study of sexual diversity, and of its social, political, and cultural significance, has not developed in isolation. It has grown hand-in-hand with activist movements, alternative social networks, and the growth of community institutions.

Toronto is home to the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives (CLGA), one of the largest glbt archives in the world. It has very strong collections relating to Canadian glbt activism, and houses the largest collection of lesbian and gay periodicals in the world (more than 7,400 titles). The CLGA is located a short walk from the St. George campus, at 65 Wellesley Street East, Suite 202, at the corner of Church and Wellesley streets. Please check the CLGA’s website for hours of operation and other information, or telephone (416) 777-2755.

One noteable community bookstore with a large collection suitable for students and faculty interested in sexual diversity is the Glad Day Bookshop (598A Yonge Street).

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre (12 Alexander Street) a playhouse with a long history of placing sexual diversity at the core of its mandate, is also located just a few blocks from the downtown campus of the University.