Crossings: Conversations from the &

A Lecture Series
co-convened by Dr. Qui Alexander and Dr. SA Smythe

Mark S. Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies

We are in a political conjuncture mobilised by antiblackness, the legislative erasure of communities of people who are racialised as Black, Indigenous, and/or people of colour, trans, migrant, poor, disabled, and otherwise dispossessed. Crossings: Conversations from the & (“the ampersand” or “the and”) amplifies the voices, thought, and artistic interventions from those most impacted by this nexus of violence. This series will invite conversations engaging different formations of trans (e.g., transgender, transdisciplinary, translingual), as a method of carrying across time, space, land and embodiment. The esteemed speakers will foster conversations that deepen our understandings of race, gender, and other modes of identification.

The Crossings Lecture Series foregrounds trans life and thought and reflects a commitment to principles and practices of abolition, transnationalism, disability justice and other interrelated frameworks. In the spirit of “becoming with” and thinking in relation, these conversations usher in a counter to the “as a” fixed identity formation. Our hope is to nourish communities, practices, social movements, and divergent modes of thought hailed by trans liberation.

The inaugural Crossings Lecture will take place in Winter 2024, co-convened by Dr. SA Smythe (Faculty of Information) and Dr. Qui Alexander (OISE) for the Mark S. Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies.