Heather Sykes

Heather Sykes is an Assistant Professor in the department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning at OISE/UT specializing in physical education and sport sociology, and serves on the Steering Committee of the Sexual Diversity Studies program. Her research explores issues of sexuality, gender and body-based discrimination in sport and physical education using psychoanalytic, poststructural, queer, trans and disability theories. Her early work examined homoeroticism and homophobia in the lives of lesbian physical education teachers. This research has been produced as a performed ethnography titled ‘Wearing The Secret Out’. Her current research focus on the intersections between fat phobia, ableism, transphobia and heterosexism in physical education and sport. She teaches in the OISE/UT teacher education program and also offers a graduate course called ‘Queer Theories, Bodies and Curriculum’. She is currently editor of the journal Curriculum Inquiry and serves on editorial boards for The Journal of Gay and Lesbian Issues in Education and The Journal of Sociology of Sports.

Selected Publications:

“Anxious Identification In ‘The Sopranos’ And Sport: Psychoanalytic And Queer Theories Of Embodiment”.  Sport, Education & Society. (in press).

“Transsexual and transgender policies in sport”. Women in Sport and Physical Activity Journal, 15(1)(2006), 3-13.

“Transsexual bodies at the Olympics: The International Olympic Committee’s policy on transsexual athletes at the 2004 Summer Games”. Body & Society. 12(3)(2006).

“Pedagogies of censorship, injury and masochism: Teacher responses to homophobic speech in physical education”. Journal of Curriculum Studies, 36 (1)(2004), 75 – 99.

“The Angel’s Playground: Same-sex desires of physical education teachers”. Journal of Lesbian and Gay Issues in Education. 1(1)(2003), 3-33.

“Of Gods, money and muscle: Resurgent homophobias and the narcissism of minor differences in sport”. Psychoanalysis and Contemporary Thought: A Quarterly of Integrative and Interdisciplinary Studies. 24(2)(2001), 205-226.

“Turning the closets inside/out: Towards a feminist-queer theory in physical education”. Journal of Sociology of Sport,15(2)(1998), 154-173.