Mark S. Bonham Centre for
Sexual Diversity Studies

OmiSoore H. Dryden

OmiSoore H. Dryden is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Sociology and Equity Studies at OISE and the Collaborative Specialization in Sexual Diversity Studies at the University of Toronto. OmiSoore utilizes a queer diasporic analytic to explore the habitual modes of thinking that frame normative narratives of belonging in an attempt to bend and re/shape these very discourses. Her site of exploration and interrogation is blood (queer and racial formations) and blood donation. OmiSoore is the 2010-2011 recipient of the Muriel and Danny Fung Graduate Award. Her work has appeared in Atlantis: A Women’s Studies Journal, Women & Environments International Magazine and she is also co-editing a book with Suzanne Lenon titled, Disturbing Canadian Homonationalisms: Queer Interventions. OmiSoore is currently a Lecturer in Women’s Studies at Thorneloe University (at Laurentian) Sudbury.