Mark S. Bonham Centre for
Sexual Diversity Studies

Lex Konnelly

Lex Konnelly is a Ph.D. student in Linguistics and a member of the Collaborative Specialization Program in Sexual Diversity Studies at the University of Toronto. Their research focuses on linguistic innovation and advocacy in trans, non-binary, and gender-diverse communities of practice. Currently, they are examining transgender non-binary transition “vlogs” (video blogs), and the use of voice quality as one of many tools trans vloggers use to express their own authority and agency over their transition experience in engaging with the online crowdsourcing of trans community healthcare knowledge. Other ongoing research projects include changes in pronoun systems, and gender-diverse speakers’ creative employment of patterns of agreement in languages with grammatical gender.

Lex’s primary academic interests include sociolinguistics, queer linguistics, language and gender, and language and identity.