Mark S. Bonham Centre for
Sexual Diversity Studies

Margeaux Feldman



Margeaux Feldman is a PhD Candidate in the Department of English and Sexual Diversity Studies and she holds a certificate in Community-Engaged Learning from the University of Toronto. Her dissertation, “The Hideosity of Adolescence: Refiguring Intimacy and Sexuality in America,” theorizes hideousness as a psychoanalytic, affective, and aesthetic category that is specific to adolescent girls. As she works to define it, hideosity captures the ambivalent relationship between desire and repulsion embodied by and projected onto the teen girl. Through an analysis of contemporary American literature, film, and internet culture, Margeaux’s dissertation works to show how hideosity can be used by teen girls to depathologize the hysteria and narcissism that are often linked to female adolescent sexuality, as well as to create new, non-normative modes of intimacy that include familial relationships, BFFs, girl gangs, and romantic/sexual relations. 


Margeaux’s academic and creative work has been published in Psychoanalysis, Culture and Society (2016), Hook & Eye (2015), and on her blog Her writing has been on course syllabi at Concordia University, University of Toronto, and Selkirk College. Margeaux’s commitment to teaching was recognized by the Department of English in 2015 with the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award. And in 2017-2018 she will be leading an engagement mentorship project in Sexual Diversity Studies entitled “Queer(ing) Pedagogy.”