Mark S. Bonham Centre for
Sexual Diversity Studies

Student Profiles

Lisa Aikman

PhD Candidate, Drama Theatre and Performance Studies

Afra Boissevain

MA, Women and Gender Studies

Brinae Bain

MA, History of Fine Art

Kathryn Boyd

MEd, Humanities, Social Sciences & Social Justice and Education, OISE

Mary Burnet

MA, Women and Gender Studies

Brandon Carroll

PhD Candidate, French and Sexual Diversity Studies

Ryan Campbell

PhD Candidate, Curriculum, Teaching and Learning, OISE

Amy Clanfield

MA, Religion

Lauren Cullen

MA, Women and Gender Studies

Eva Cupchik

MA, Women and Gender Studies

Adam Davies

PhD Student, Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning, OISE/UT

OmiSoore H. Dryden

PhD Candidate, Sociology and Equity Studies, OISE

Alexander Eastwood

PhD Candidate, English

Monica Espailalt Lizardo

PhD Candidate, History

Mamsie Francis

MEd, Curriculum Studies and Teacher Development

Matthew Gagne

PHD Candidate, Anthropology

Cornel Grey

MA, Women and Gender Studies

John Greyson

PhD Candidate, Drama

Zoe Gross

PhD candidate, Women and Gender Studies

Jianbei Guan

MA, Curriculum Studies and Teacher Development

Kalev Hunt

MA, Sociology

Ido Katri

Master of Laws

Clare Hughes-Najjar

Curriculum Studies and Teacher Development, OISE

Patrick Keleher

PhD Candidate, Kinesiology and Physical Education

Kyle Kirkup

SJD, Faculty of Law

Daniel Laurin

PhD, Cinema Studies

Jeff Lloyd

PhD Candidate, Curriculum Studies & Teacher Development, OISE

Reathna Lor

PhD, English

Ashley Mantha-Hollands

MPP, School of Publicy Policy and Governance

Natania Marcus

MA, Clinical and Counselling Psychology

Dennis Martin

MA, Museum Studies

Jessica Martin

MA, Museum Studies

Hannah Masterman

MI, Library and Information Sciences

Juan-Carlos Mezo

PhD, Departments of History and Sexual Diversity Studies

TL McMinn

MA, Curriculum Studies & Teacher Development, OISE

Alexis Mitchell

PhD, Geography

Alexis Moline

MA, Museum Studies

Ashley Morford

Phd Candidate, English

Megan Mullally

MA, Women and Gender Studies

Caroline Nelissen

MA, Political Science

Greg Nepean
EDD, Higher Education, Leadership, Higher, and Adult Education, OISE

Laine Zisman Newman

PhD Candidate, The Centre for Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies

Kevin Nixon

PhD Candidate, Anthropology

Erin Nunoda

MA, Cinema Studies

Jen Oliver

PhD Candidate, Classics

Seth Palmer

PhD Candidate, Anthropology

Andrea Palmieri

MEd, Leadership, Higher and Adult Education

Gang Pan

PhD Candidate, East Asian Studies

Celeste Pang

PhD Candidate, Anthropology

David Pereira

PhD, Social Justice Education

Iradele Plante

MPH, Health Promotion

Jerry Pergolesi

PhD Candidate, Music

Alpen Razi

PhD Candidate, English

Simon Reader

PhD Candidate, English

Jennifer Rigby

MA, Counseling and Clinical Psychology

Nicole Ritchie

MA, Museum Studies

Daniella Robinson

MEd, Social Justoc Education

Dirk Rodricks

PhD, Critical Pedagogy and Curriculum Studies

Saralyn Russell

PhD, Women and Gender Studies

Shannon Salisbury

PhD, Curriculum Teaching & Learning

David Seitz

PhD, Geography

Rebecka Sheffield

PhD Candidate, Faculty of Information

j wallace skelton

PhD Candidate, Department of Curriculum Teaching and Learning

Emily Siu

MA, Cinema Studies

Ann Snook

MMst, Museum Studies

Vajdon Sohaili

MA, History of Art

Michael Sparrow

MA, Applied Psychology & Human Development

Bradley St. Amant
MEd, Educational Adminstration

Michelle Stassen

Kelly Stephenson

MSW, Social Work

Stephen Tang

PhD, Curriculum, Teaching & Learning

Chris Tatham

PhD Candidate, Sociology

Luke Taylor

LLM, Law

Nathan Thompson
MEd, Sociology and Equity Studies in Education

Andrew Tompkins

Angela Tran

MA, Social Work

Michael Wallner

PhD Candidate, Curriculum Studies and Teacher Development, OISE

Benjamin Walsh

PhD Candidate, Faculty of Information

Paul Weadick

MA, Women and Gender Studies

Alex Wells

MSW, Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work

Evan Vipond

MA, Women and Gender Studies

Yoa Yoreh

PhD, English

Margeaux Feldman

PhD, English

Myrna Moretti

MA, Cinema Studies

Adam Levesque

PhD, Social Work

Jerry Pergolesi

PhC Candidate, Faculty of Music

Shawna Carroll

PhD Candidate OISE

Daniel Del Gobbo

Adjunct Professor at Osgoode Hall Law School

Amanda De Lisio

Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Bournemouth University

Franco Saccucci

MA in Curriculum Studies & Teacher Development

Lex Konnelly

PhD student in Lingusitics

Camille Rogers

MA Student in Musicology

Doug A. Graffeo

MA Candidate in Geography and Sexual Diversity Studies

Hannah Reaburn

MA Student OISE Social Justice Education, WGS and SDS