Adam Isaiah Green

Adam Isaiah Green’s research is situated at the intersection of the sociology of sexuality and medical sociology, and aims to develop theory relevant to both areas.  Green’s primary CANFAR funded research focuses on structures of sexual stratification in contemporary, Western urban enclaves, including sexual fields organized by institutionalized currencies of erotic capital.  In a second SSHRC funded project, Green examines Canadian same-sex marriage, including a comparison of homosexual and heterosexual marriages and the role of gender in same-sex marriage.  His most recent work, funded by a Standard Operating Grant from the Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR) and a CIHR Early Investigator’s Award, examines the political and institutional processes by which HIV MSM prevention has been formulated, contested and evolved since the beginning of the epidemic.  By comparing AIDS Service Organizations and prevention activists in Toronto and Los Angeles, the project distills the politics of prevention epistemology as this has informed prevention theory and praxis.

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Selected Publications

Green, Adam Isaiah.  2011. “Playing the (Sexual) Field: The Interactional Basis of Sexual Stratification.” Social Psychology Quarterly 74:244-266

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Green, Adam Isaiah. 2006. “‘Until Death Do Us Part?’: The Impact of Differential Access to Marriage On a Sample of Urban Men”, Sociological Perspectives. 49:163-189. *(Winner of the 2007 ASA Sexualities Section Best Paper Award)

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