Mark S. Bonham Centre for
Sexual Diversity Studies


We at SDS have seen about 200 undergraduates complete their degrees with either a Specialist, Major, or Minor program as part of their experience at the U of T.  They combined their SDS work with a wide range of other programs – English, History, Sociology, Women’s Studies, Philosophy, Classics, Psychology, Geography, the sciences, and health-related fields.  Since our graduate collaborative specialization was introduced in 2008, 20 students have completed their degrees, coming from an equally impressive range of home departments.

Our alumni are now contributing to a broadened understanding of sexuality in many fields.  Among them are teachers, artists, policy advisors, writers, social workers, researchers, public servants, journalists, and policy advocates.

Our alumni have many opportunities to stay connected with the Bonham Centre.  We sponsor public discussions focused on topical issues to which all are welcome.  We also organize social events that connect various constituencies associated with the Centre.

Here are some of the students who made a difference while they were students in SDS, and who are already making a difference in their lives.