Mark S. Bonham Centre for
Sexual Diversity Studies

WorldPride Human Rights Conference 2014

June 25—27, 2014

The WorldPride Human Rights Conference 2014 was a gathering of activists, artists, educators, journalists, policymakers, students, and others engaged in LGBTTIQQ2SA* human rights around the world. The conference provided a unique opportunity for a global dialogue about LGBTTIQQ2SA* human rights, ranging from performances to presentations, politics to policies, and activists to academics. It was a 10-day global celebration incorporating activism, education and the history of LGBTTIQQ2SA* communities. Toronto was the first WorldPride celebration ever held in North America and the 4th such festival in the world. WorldPride brought people together from around the world to honour our past, celebrate the present and inspire a better future for all.

“There were so many moments when I thought to myself after a conversation ‘this is one of those types of conversations that we will look back upon and remember as having made a huge difference, the kinds of conversations that change the world.’ When we finally marched as a delegation in the WorldPride parade, there were over 30 people that were marching with us, and we felt like we had a real presence that really started at the conference”
– Delegate

“I really appreciate hearing and sharing our stories and creating valuable and inspiring history regardless if it is good, bad or ugly. It is our history and the stories are being told.”
– Delegate

“I got to meet many people from all walks of life from around the world and develop great connections, understand different issues facing different people… a great opportunity”

“I truly have nothing but praise for the brillian organization of the entire event. The speakers were excellent and so inspiring. The event was stransformative for me to hear from delegates froma round the world tell their stories and share their work and experiences. I am extremely grateful for having been afforded this opportunity.”

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Photos were taken by Yannick Anton