Who Gets It

Why is it so hard for folks to understand that the thing about free speech is that everybody gets it.  Not just the folks you agree with, but also the folks that you don’t agree with.

This time, it’s the University of Calgary who have disciplined an anti-abortion student group.  According to the Globe and Mail, eight student members of an anti-abortion group called Campus Pro-Life were charged with a “major violation” under the non-academic misconduct policy earlier this month after they up an exhibit against the wishes of the university. It was a pretty typical anti-abortion thing: images of fetuses contrasted with images of genocides.   Not pretty.  And offensive to many.

But, its speech.   Its very political speech.  It is speech criticizing the existing abortion law in Canada, because they believe that it violates the inherent dignity of life.

I don’t agree with them.  I am completely pro-choice.  But, that’s not the point.   And it shouldn’t be the university’s either.

Its more than a little ironic that this comes from the same university that defended Ann Coulter’s right to speak on campus, after a planned speaking event was disrupted at the University of Ottawa.

So, Ann Coulter is okay.  But, their own students with anti-abortion views are not.  One wonders if they have ever actually listened to Ann Coulter, who would, amongst other things, agree with the anti-abortion students.

Free speech really isn’t that hard.  It may be noisy and offensive.  But, it’s pretty easy.  Everyone gets it….

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