Polanski Free… Again

In September, I wrote about Roman Polanski’s case.  At that time he’d just been arrested in Switzerland.

Well, today they let him go.

I get that he’s 77 years old and the rape occurred a long time ago and the survivor has forgiven him.  Forgiving someone does not negate the fact that he broke the law – imagine a world that worked that way!  Imagine the implications for domestic abuse cases.  Imagine the precedent that could be set.

A very prominent pop culture and Internet figure with whom I am acquainted posted on Facebook that he’d like Polanski to make more films – that “even the woman he supposedly ‘raped’ supports the Swiss decision”.  I’d like to reiterate that he was convicted, but served no sentence.  It was RAPE, it was coersion, she was drugged.  At this point, it is unlikely that justice will ever be served.

It’s a sad day.

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