Guess What?

Guess what?  Sex education works.

According to a new study, the birth and abortion rate for adolescent girls in Canada dropped a staggering 36.9% between 1996 and 2006.

Access to contraception and changing social norms helped too.

The report, released today by the Sex Information and Education Council of Canada, compared birth and abortion rates in four countries: Canada, Sweden, England and the United States. Among the four countries compared for 2006, Canada had the lowest teen birth and abortion rate per 1,000 women aged 15 to 19 (27.9), followed by Sweden (31.4), England/Wales (60.3), and in last place, the United States (61.2).

One of the authors of the report, Alexander McKay, observed that countries with abstinence only education , like the U.S., tend to produce more pregnancies.

He has also emphasized that were teenage girls feel more confident about their work and educational prospects – in other words, where they have a reasonable good feeling about themselves and their future – birth and abortion rates are lower.

Poverty makes a big difference too, as does universal health care.

What a surprise!   Everything we feminist types thought we knew about teenage pregnancy and sexuality actually turns out to be right.

Good thing we canceled that new sex education program in Ontario.  Heaven knows we wouldn’t want to continue down the right track.

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