Breasts, orgasms and affairs.  These are three of the top 10 most viewed articles on the Globe and Mail website today.

Maybe its just Friday.  But, sex seems to be on everyone’s mind.


Well, boobs actually. Tempest in a D cup its called.  Its about an ad for the booby ball breast cancer fundraiser.   Apparently the ad featuring MTV Canada’s Aliya Savani in a rather skimpy bikini,  with closeups of jiggling breasts, has caused quite a stir.  Or at least, Good Morning America tried to cause one.  Too shocking, too sexy, too much like a Victoria Secret ad.


A new study challenges prevailing wisdom about women’s orgasms, suggesting that vaginal orgasm are actually better than clitoral ones.

And affairs

According to the article,  men who want to have affairs at the office should go up the food chain not down.  Forget the intern, have an affair with your boss.  It looks better.  For both the man and the woman.

All I can say is, apparently, we at SexText aren’t the only folks with sex on our minds.

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